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cropped-babypenelope1.jpgI am a nurturer, turning some attention inward with a better self-love offering. My purpose in blogging is about accountability and care and opening parts of myself that try to hide out. Like the nautilus’ creature, I welcome the opportunities to grow and move out of the smallish current space I’m hanging out in and move on to that more expansive one. I am a human in progress and when I share myself with others, my progress evolves and with more clarity. I hope to share my progress in this format, and maybe it will be relatable for you. That would be an honor for me and a  reminder that none of this is unique to just me, Penelope and my many other parts.   You may not agree or you might think I’m full of nonsense and I appreciate that too. Take what is helpful and leave behind what is not.  Thanks for stopping by!


June 3, 2015 Updates on About me

I learned about parts work from a dear friend and therapist for whom using this model helped her tremendously in her human evolution.  The Internal Family Systems model, much like a meditation, offers guidance while in a state of relaxation, to offer parts inside of oneself that serve as protectors of our emotional selves. I have written about some of these parts, mainly for my own opportunity to examine and interpret the way these parts of me have served as barriers to my growth.  It helps so much to write it down. Your involvement as a reader is really helpful to me, so feel free to share your thoughts.

Peace, Penelope

February 5, 2022 Updates on updates on About me

In 2015, I completed Open Studio Facilitator training in Evanston, IL and not long after, began a Post Graduate study program with the Center for Family Consultation in Evanston, IL. The Center is a practice made up of therapists, some of which who studied directly with and others who have committed their practice in the study of Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory.

The Post Graduate opportunity gave me an opportunity to think about self in the context of my family of origin, to consider emotional patterns that come up as barriers and challenges for me in efforts to be a whole self. While I worked for a few years with an Internal Family Systems therapist, (Noted in my update above) I think it is important to draw the distinction between the two, although I’ll also add that both theories of practice have been helpful and supportive for me. The parts work gave me some insight internally, a chance to practice more kindness toward myself, my internal patterns and habits. I could put new language around the ways my brain tries to help me, from a place of childlike insecurities.

Bowen’s theory expanded my ability to think about myself when I’m present with my family and to consider the way automatic behaviors emerge beneath my consciousness, in relationship to family–deeply embedded emotional processes playing out constantly. I can see some of the patterns with some objectivity, but usually only after the fact, and often after I have said something or acted on something that was done without thoughtfulness, or was outside of my own values and principles. I have forgotten to mention this evolution in my self-exploration journey here. I have relied on this learning throughout the collective experience of the Pandemic, and have continued to look to coaching and the support to reinforce my thinking. I recommend Bowen’s Theory with respect to self leadership as well as leadership in organizational practice. I am still anxious, I am still stumbling, but I am slightly more evolved and goal oriented than I had been!


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